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Pulmonary Associates of Saint Augustine is partnering with Klara to modernize the way in which we interact with our patients.  In recent years our patient base has grown dramatically.  We are humbled and thankful that so many of you have placed your trust in us to help in meeting your healthcare needs.  In order to serve you better and optimize your experience with us, we are changing how it is that our patients can interact with our practice.  We are aware that people are often frustrated that they cannot easily get someone on the phone when calling in.  Our partnership with Klara is specifically to address this issue, and to make sure that if you need help we can get to you in a timely manner.  


As you can see from the pictures above, Klara allows patients to interact with our staff using HIPPA compliant texting.  You can initiate a conversation through Klara by leaving a voicemail or by using the Klara Assistant button on our website.  This should allow us to get back to you in a much more timely fashion.  We have four main phone lines to our medical assistants, and there are times that they are all in use.  Klara will allow us to answer your questions and/or concerns even when the phone lines are all in use.  


In addition to HIPPA compliant texting with staff, Klara will also be handling our reminders for appointments and automating our forms.  Klara will send the forms that we need filled out in a text message, as seen above.  You will be able to fill out the forms at your leisure and they will import right into our database.  Having these functions automated should help to streamline the experience for our patients and reduce the manual labor for data input on our staff.  Our mission is to provide all of our patients with excellent care, and that includes the overall experience with visiting and interacting with our office. 

Klara will also be sending out surveys for you to give us feedback on various aspects of our practice.  You will be able to rate your interactions with the physicians as well as your interactions with the office staff.  If time allows, we would greatly appreciate you giving feedback.  If you have a good experience, positive feedback is always nice to hear.  If you have a bad experience, we genuinely would like to know what we could do to improve.

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